How Do We Know That Dogs Really Do Dream?

An animal researcher at MIT has proven what pet owners have known for years.  Our dogs and cats dream. 

You can read more about the actual experiment that proves this to be so at

Animals have complex dreams, MIT researcher proves

But, how can we guess what our pets are dreaming about? Dog’s eyes flutter behind their eyelids and their legs twitch when they enter a dream state.  Their breeds give us clues as to what they might be dreaming about.  Pointers have been known to actually go on point during a dream, and spaniels have been known to act as if they were flushing out birds.  Another fun fact is that small dogs appear to dream more often than large ones, and older dogs and puppies appear to dream more often than adult dogs.

If you want, you can read more about dreaming dogs in this American Kennel Club article Do Dogs Dream?

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