Meet the Guinness World Record Holder: Mymains Stewart Gilligan. He is the World’s Longest Cat!

Our domestic cats show their love and affection for us in many different ways. Cats turn on their motors and purr when they are relaxed and happy. Cats rub against us and bunt or head butt us to leave their scent. This scent marks us as the people who belong to them. It has been said that when a cat stares at someone from across the room and then slowly blinks, the cat is throwing the person a kiss. Cats love to play. It is easy to observe a domestic cat’s predator instinct by the way it plays. This reminds us of how very similar all cats are, both domestic and wild.

You can read more about the genetic evolution of cats at Basepaws which states: Your cat might love a soft couch and fancy canned food, but all it takes is the flutter of a bird or the twinkle of a laser pointer to remind your cat that she is a true born hunter. Cats were first adopted by humans only 10,000 years ago and your cat’s DNA is only a pounce away from its wild ancestors.  Basepaws: What Kind of Wild is Your Cat?

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